Rubber Corner Guards


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Black Rubber Corner Guard - 800mm

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Black Rubber Corner Guard - 1000mm

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rubber corner guard
rubber corner guard

Rubber Corner Guard

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Corner guard products play a pivotal role in protecting building structures while preserving a refined and polished look.

Our rubber corner guards are robust and designed to protect high-traffic areas, they also help reduce costly repairs. These corner guard protectors are great for stopping vehicles and machinery from damaging the corners.

Corner guard products are essential accessories used to protect the corners of walls, columns, and other structures from damage caused by impacts, collisions, and abrasion. These products are widely used in various settings, including residential, commercial, industrial, and public spaces. They help maintain the integrity and aesthetics of interior spaces while reducing maintenance costs and the need for frequent repairs. Corner guards are available in different materials such as galvanised metal, rubber, and stainless steel, each offering unique properties and advantages. They are available in three finishes:

  • Galvanised Corner Guards
  • Rubber Corner Guards
  • Stainless Steel Corner Guards

Rubber Corner GuardsΒ provide superior impact protection in high-traffic areas and minimise the need for regular repairs. They guard against dents, scratches and scrapes whilst also adding a decorative element.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are rubber corner guards used for?

Rubber corner guards are primarily used to protect wall corners and edges from damage caused by collisions or impacts. Composed of durable rubber, these guards absorb and diffuse the impact of collisions, minimising dents, scratches, and maintaining the structural integrity of walls.

How do rubber corner guards compare to other materials like steel or plastic?

Rubber corner guards offer a softer and more flexible impact resistance compared to steel or plastic, making them suitable for scenarios where you want to minimise damage to both the vehicle and the wall.

Rubber corner guards are generally low-maintenance. Regular cleaning to remove dirt or debris is recommended to keep them looking good.

Cleaning rubber corner guards is straightforward; you can use mild detergents or soapy water to wipe them clean. Avoid using harsh chemicals that may damage the rubber.

Do you have options to suit my needs?

Rubber corner guards come in various sizes and styles to accommodate different needs. You can find options to suit the dimensions and aesthetics of your space.

Their versatility, low-maintenance nature, and colour options make them ideal for preserving aesthetics and safety in various settings, from commercial spaces and industrial structures to residential car parks. Offering a cost-effective and proactive approach to wall protection, rubber corner guards are an essential component for safeguarding your property. Here are some questions we often get asked about our product range:

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