General Purpose Spill Kit - 20L

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General Purpose Spill Kit - 20L

Regular price $99.00 (inc. GST)
Sale price $99.00 (inc. GST) Regular price (inc. GST)
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The General Purpose Spill Kit - 20L is a versatile solution for managing spills across various environments. Housed in a compact 20-liter container, this kit includes absorbents and tools designed for the quick and efficient cleanup of a wide range of spills, ensuring a safe and clean workspace.


  • Compact 20L container for easy storage and accessibility.
  • Absorbents suitable for various spills, including oils, chemicals, and water-based liquids.
  • Durable and lightweight materials for convenient handling.
  • Clear instructions for quick and simple utilization.
  • Ideal for general-purpose use in diverse settings.

Use Case 1: Workshops

In automotive and mechanical workshops, where oils and lubricants are commonly used, the General Purpose Spill Kit - 20L serves as a practical solution for managing spills efficiently. With its compact 20-liter container, the kit can be easily stored in workshop areas, allowing quick access during spill incidents. The included absorbents are specifically designed to address spills of oils and lubricants, facilitating rapid cleanup and minimizing the risk of workplace hazards. Clear instructions provided with the kit ensure that workshop staff can respond promptly to spills, maintaining a safe and organized workspace conducive to efficient operations and employee well-being.

Use Case 2: Commercial Spaces

In retail stores and office spaces, maintaining a clean and safe environment is paramount to ensure the well-being of employees and customers. The General Purpose Spill Kit - 20L offers an effective solution for managing spills of various liquids encountered in commercial settings. With its compact design, the kit can be conveniently stored in accessible locations, ready for deployment in response to spills of oils, chemicals, or water-based liquids. The durable and lightweight materials of the kit enable easy handling by staff members, facilitating prompt cleanup and minimizing disruptions to business operations. By addressing spills swiftly and efficiently, the kit helps uphold cleanliness standards and promotes a positive environment for both employees and patrons.

Use Case 3: Educational Institutions

In schools and laboratory settings, where experiments and educational activities involving liquids are commonplace, the General Purpose Spill Kit - 20L plays a crucial role in ensuring safety and environmental compliance. With its compact container, the kit can be stored in laboratories and classrooms, readily available to respond to spills during experiments. The absorbents included in the kit are suitable for various types of spills, providing versatility in addressing different liquid substances. Clear instructions accompanying the kit enable educators and students to handle spill incidents effectively, minimizing risks and promoting a culture of safety within educational institutions. By facilitating quick response and cleanup of spills, the kit supports smooth laboratory operations and enhances the learning environment for students.

Length (cm)54
Width (cm)48
Height (cm)10
Weight (kg)5
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What is the capacity of the spill kit?
The General Purpose Spill Kit - 20L has a compact capacity of 20 liters, providing a portable solution for small-scale spills.

Is the kit suitable for various spills?
Yes, the kit is designed to handle a variety of spills, including oils, chemicals, and other common workplace fluids.

How is the kit packaged for convenience?
The kit is compactly packaged, allowing for easy storage and quick access, making it an ideal solution for small spill response needs.

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